Local Information

There are many tourist attractions and leisure activities
all in close proximity to the Villa.

You will be situated just:

  • 5 minutes from the excellent beaches at Coral and Coralia Bay.
  • 15 minutes from the Tomb of the Kings and other world heritage sites.
  • 30 minutes from Paphos International Airport
  • 30 minutes from Tsada Golf Club
  • 30 minutes from The Secret Valley Golf Club
  • 10 minutes from Akamas* National Park
  • 3 minutes from the nearest Horse Riding Stables

Additionally there are nearby facilities for both salt and freshwater fishing, walking, cycling and mountain biking, water sports and scuba diving, wine tasting, go-karting and numerous museums and historic sites to visit. It is even possible to ski in the Troodos mountains in winter!

The nearest town is Coral Bay, which is very lively with many bars and restaurants for you to enjoy. It can be reached by road in a couple of minutes, or 20 minutes on foot. Additionally there are a number of small bars and tavernas within easy reach of the villa. The Paphos area is excellent for walking, especially in the virtually untouched Akamas* National Park, though if you wish to travel further afield there are also many excellent walks in the nearby Troodos Mountains.

*The Akamas National Park is a protected area, of near virgin habitats and vegetation communities. Its flora is rich and varied. In spring it provides a spectacle of colours and shades of breathtaking beauty. Its coastline is still largely pristine and its littoral and marine life remain untouched by the advance of civilisation. Green turtles still nest on its beaches and the occasional Monk Seal is still sighted there.

Recommended Links:

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